Manuscripts Under Review

Gomila, R., Shepherd, H., Paluck, E.L. (under review). Network insiders and observers: who can identify influential people?

Gomila, R. (under review). Logistic or linear? Estimating causal effects of treatments on binary outcomes using regression analysis. preprint

Gomila, R., Paluck, E.L. (revise & resubmit). The social and psychological characteristics of norm deviants: a field study in a small cohesive university campus. preprint


Gantman, A., *Gomila, R., Martinez, J.E., Matias, J.N., Paluck, E.L., Starck, J., Wu, S. & Yaffe, N. (2018). A pragmatist philosophy of psychological science and its implications for replication: Commentary on Zwaan et al. Brain and Behavioral Sciences, 41, E127, Commentary on Zwann et al. (2018).
*Authorship in alphabetical order

Gomila, R., Littman, R., Blair, G., & Paluck, E.L. (2017). Audio recording interviews to eliminate ongoing data-fabrication: Evidence from a large-scale field experiment in Nigeria. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 8(4), 424-433.

Paluck, E.L., Lagunes, P., Green, D.G., Vavreck, L., Peer, L., & Gomila, R. (2015). Does product placement change television viewers’ social behavior? PLOS One, 10(9).

Working Papers

Gomila, R., & Paluck, E.L. (in prep.) The simultaneous power of norms and deviance.

Gomila, R., & Clark, C.S., (in prep). Missing data in experiments: challenges and solutions.

Gomila, R., Yaffe, & N.M., Paluck, E.L. (in prep). Deviance and conformity: a field experiment in the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.

Gomila, R., & Paluck, E.L. (in prep). Social and psychological foundations of conformity and deviance.

Selected ongoing research

The downstream consequences of facial trustworthiness (with Alexander Todorov, Bill Thompson, Stefan Uddenberg, & Tom Griffiths).

The impact of diversity on educational outcomes (with Betsy Levy Paluck, Cecilia Rouse, & John-Henry Pezzuto).

The role of authority approval in attitudes toward stigmatized groups: Testing a neglected condition of the contact hypothesis (with Ruth Ditlmann and Betsy Levy Paluck).

Other Publications

Mehta, S., & Gomila, R. (2018). Set up to fail: Montana’s Probation and Parole System. ACLU Smart Justice Montana. Download report